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The Republican Party, cults and their money

Use to be people thought of the Moonies as a cult. But now, thanks, in part, to George and Barbara Bush who get $100K a pop for giving pro Moonie speeches, they are not perceived that way. For starters see GOP and Straight; GOP and Scientology™; FACTNET.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Scientology™ front group

More and more I hear of people referring to CCHR. If you have a problem with psychiatry (and who doesn't) I'm sure you'll find all you want to know about that profession's misdeeds from CCHR. I myself own two excellent books exposing psychiatric abuse that were written by CCHRers. But you should be advised that CCHR is a front group for the so-called Church of Scientology™. When L. Ron Hubbard first introduced Dianetics in 1950 he thought it would be embraced by psychiatry and the rest of us as the poor man's alternative to psychoanalyses. Instead, doctors rebuffed him as being the cosmic nut case he truly was. Ever since many Scientologists have attacked psychiatry, often perhaps, for the wrong reason. If you want to learn what's wrong with psychiatry I suggest you read Peter Breggin's Toxic Psychology. If you want to know more about CCHR and the Church of Scientology™ visit my good friend Arnie Lerma's web site.


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