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The Republican Party, cults and their money

Use to be people thought of the Moonies as a cult. But now, thanks, in part, to George and Barbara Bush who get $100K a pop for giving pro Moonie speeches, they are not perceived that way. For starters see GOP and Straight; GOP and Scientology™; FACTNET.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Straight and the Republican White House Drug Czars

Straight's predecessor program was called The Seed. The Seed had been funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) under the directorship of Robert DuPont. Besides being director of NIDA Robert DuPont was also the second White House Drug Czar. NIDA stopped funding The Seed after a US Senate Report accused The Seed of using North Korean brainwashing methods on American kids. Dr. DuPont left government service and became a paid consultant for Straight. In fact, he claims that it was his idea that Straight go national. He also claims he was the one who got Nancy Reagan involved in Straight. Today he is on Straight's Advisory Board, under its latest name--the Drug Free America Foundation.

Drug Czar Carlton Turner accompanied Nancy Reagan on her first visit to Straight and endorses the front page of Miller Newton's book Not My Kid with these words: "Not My Kid should be required reading for any parent concerned about their children's future." Miller Newton is Straight's former national clinical director. Turner spoke at a Straight fund raising dinner in May 1982.

Donald Ian Macdonald, Straight's national medical research director, became another Reagan Drug Czar.

Bill Bennett was George Bush I's first Drug Czar. In 1989 Bennett assembled together prominent Americans from all over to help him develop the President's drug budget. Included on that team was Straight founder Mel Sembler, Robert DuPont, Carlton Turner, Joyce Tobias, Mac Vines and a host of others sympathetic to Straight.

Bush I made former Florida governor Bob Martinez his second Drug Czar. In 1992, Tampa's Channel 13 Eye Witness News handed Martinez the minutes from a Straight board of director's meeting which recorded that "John Martinez, former governor of Florida, will work with Straight on our licensing issues." When asked by Channel 13 News whether John Martinez was he, Martinez would make no comment.

Today James MacDonough, drug czar for the state of Florida, sits on the advisory board for Straight (under its third and current name DFAF) along with Jeb Bush, the President's brother, his wife Columba, and Toni Jennings, his lieutenant governor. Governor Jeb Bush has publicly endorsed SAFE, an Orlando treatment program that grew out of Straight-Orlando. George Bush I himself made a TV commercial for Straight right out of the Oval Office in return for contributions to his war chest by key Straight officials.


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I think McDonough has resigned from the board of trustees of straight (I mean DFAF)

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