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The Republican Party, cults and their money

Use to be people thought of the Moonies as a cult. But now, thanks, in part, to George and Barbara Bush who get $100K a pop for giving pro Moonie speeches, they are not perceived that way. For starters see GOP and Straight; GOP and Scientology™; FACTNET.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Duke Cunningham wasn't the only Republican on the dole

Dec. 1, 2005
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DEFENSE CONTRACTORS HAVEN'T JUST DOLED TO 'DUKE' Disgraced congressman is far from the only politician to receivemoney from defense contractors MZM and ADCSBy Center For Responsive PoliticsA number of federal officeholders have received politicalcontributions from the same defense contractors from whomCongressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) has admittedaccepting illegal bribes, according to the non-partisan Centerfor Responsive Politics.

Bribes, unlike lawful contributions, involve an agreement to take action in return for the money. Political action committees controlled by MZM, Inc., which wasfounded by alleged Cunningham co-conspirator Mitchell Wade, andADCS, Inc., which was founded by alleged co-conspirator BrentWilkes, have contributed more than $1 million in the last 10years to a roster of politicians, leadership PACs and partycommittees.

Top recipients include Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr.(R-Va.), Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Fla.), Sen. Elizabeth Dole(R-N.C.), Tom DeLay's Americans for a Republican Majority PACand President Bush. Republicans have been the recipients of 95%of the two defense contractors' giving, according to the Centerfor Responsive Politics' analysis.

For Cunningham's part, he and his political action committeereceived at least $115,000 since 1995 in political contributionsfrom the two defense contractors and their employees. Throughits PAC and employees, MZM gave Cunningham and his "AmericanProsperity PAC" $30,000 over the last decade, while ADCS and itsaffiliates contributed $85,500 during that period.Former MZM CEO Wade and ADCS President Wilkes have been named asco-conspirators in the Cunningham case.

News reports cite two additional co-conspirators, alleged to be Thomas T. Kontogiannisand John T. Michael. According to the Center for ResponsivePolitics, Kontogiannis and his spouse have given $33,650 at thefederal level since 1995, all to Republican candidates and partycommittees. Michael gave $1,100 to the National RepublicanCongressional Committee during the same period. <http://www.capitaleye.org/inside.asp?ID=193>


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