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The Republican Party, cults and their money

Use to be people thought of the Moonies as a cult. But now, thanks, in part, to George and Barbara Bush who get $100K a pop for giving pro Moonie speeches, they are not perceived that way. For starters see GOP and Straight; GOP and Scientology™; FACTNET.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pinellas Commissioner Susan Latvala pumps Scientology(TM) despite its past reputation for dastardly deeds

I urge the convening of a grand jury to determine the truth or falsity of the Scientologists' claim that they have gotten more than 100,000 people off drugs. Established national leaders in drug education and treatment such as PAR, Straight, the Drug Enforcement Administration and mental health professionals should be asked to testify. Former Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares, letter to the editor , St. Pete Times, Jan. 18, 1990


1. South Park's expose on Scientology™ is the best quick overview of this cult ever done. View Tom Crusie and Trapped in the Closet.

2. Scientology™ operations aimed at former Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares. LINK1 LINK2

3. Watch the Clearwater Hearings and what Scientologists™ did to Paulette Cooper who wrote the first expose book about them. Part1 Part2

4. Susan Latvala models a hot pink party dress with feather boa at a Scientology™ sponsored fashion show in Clearwater while in Paris Deputy Mayor Anne Hidalgo leads a protest against Scientology™. [Picture of Susan Latvala cropped from photo by Kathleen Flynn, St. Pete Times, 7-19-04.]

Straight was founded in Pinellas County Florida six months after the Church of Scientology™ moved its Naval Headquarters land base there. Two major cults involved in addiction treatment founded at the same place and at the same time. There are many other similarities between Straight and Scientology. For example critics have accused both of using confessions to control members and of sometimes restricting the diets of some members to large helpings of leguminous plants.

In 1990 former Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares wrote an amazing letter (see excerpt above) to the editor at the St. Pete Times suggesting that "established leaders" like PAR, Straight, DEA and mental health professionals should testify about Narconon™'s claim of success rates. But Straight, unknown to Cazares then, is a destructive cult whose own success rates have been questioned.

Since closing for charges of criminal child abuse Straight has heavily infiltrated PAR. Pinellas Commissioner Susan Latvala directs PAR and is on Straight's (under its current name Drug Free America Foundation) Advisory Board. Her husband Jack is the former chairman of the Florida Republican Party. Check her out above (4) modeling a dress at a Scientology™-backed function. PAR is referring clients to Narconon™ and 6th Circuit Judges Alan and Babb like Narconon™ (Judge Rushing likes Criminon™).

A former director of the DEA is on Straight's (DFAF) Advisory Board.

And former mental health specialist and Drug Czar Robert DuPont was a Straight consultant! Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst has declared Narconon Day and Jeb Bush has declared Betty Sembler Day in honor of Straight cofounder Betty Sembler.


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